Hotmail Sign Up : How to create a Hotmail email account

HOTMAIL has now upgraded to Outlook to give users the best-ever experience. If you want to make the switch and create a Hotmail account and sign up, here is how to do it. Are you looking forward to setting up a professional email account? If so, you can prefer Microsoft Outlook. Previously, the name of Microsoft Outlook has another name i.e., Hotmail. A Microsoft Outlook email account is the simple method to keep with your email, One Drive, Office, and other Microsoft services. It is quite simple to log into your account through the Windows or Mac web browser. The users can send and receive emails through the Hotmail account. After creating a Hotmail email account, this account will become your Windows Live ID. In this post, we have come up with a detailed guide to sign up Hotmail account through a step-by-step procedure. Have a look!

How to create a Hotmail or Outlook account ?

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For creating a Hotmail account, one needs to make use of email address. It is necessary to create a.Net passport account and finish the registration process. Follow the simple steps provided below to create or Hotmail sign up online. On the Microsoft Outlook page, you can find the following tabs and sections:

  1. Create a New Account
  • Visit the official website of the Hotmail account wherein you can find the option that says ‘Create Account’.
  1. Registration Page
  • After tapping the create button, you can enter the details for the registration process on your Hotmail account.
  1. Account Choices
  • The users need to enter the email address and the extension as .com for your Hotmail account.
  1. Choose Password
  • The users need to select a password based on your choice.
  • You need to choose a powerful password comprising of various uppercase, lowercase characters, numbers, special symbols and more.
  1. Personal Details

The users need to enter personal information in the provided fields that include your first name, last name and more.

  1. Select Country
  • The users can choose their country or location from the drop-down menu on the screen.
  1. Enter Phone Number
  • Hotmail then asks you to enter the phone number in the provided field.
  • By providing a phone number, you can protect your data from hackers.
  1. Final Step

That’s all! This is the simple process to create a new account on Hotmail using the login credentials.

How to sign up for a Hotmail account?

If you wish to sign up for a Hotmail account for the first time, you need to take the following steps:

  • Navigate to Hotmail at or It will redirect you to
  • The link to create a new account can be found below the login panel.
  • Once this link is clicked, you will be redirected to the account creation page.
  • Here you will find the account opening form that needs certain basic details.
  • The first few fields pertain to choice of username and password. When you are choosing a username, you need to ensure that it is a unique one as per the millions of usernames already registered on Microsoft account. You can select the domain of your choice here, such as
  • After selection of username is approved, you need to select a strong password for your account.
  • Here you will want to ensure that the password is at least eight characters in length, comprises of alphanumeric characters, special characters, upper and lower case letters and so forth.
  • After the strength of the password chosen is approved, you would be required to fill in the next few fields that pertain to your basic personal information.
  • These pertain to first name, last name and gender details. After this you would be required to fill in the field that pertains to country of origin. Once this detail is completed, you would be required to fill in account security information fields.
  • These fields seek information such as an alternate email address and a phone number. If you provide the information in these fields you would need to validate such data. For instance, when you key in an alternate email address, you would send a verification link to the email address that needs to be clicked on for verification. If you key in a phone number, you would be sent a validation code as text message. This will help you validate your phone number.
  • Once these fields are filled, you then need to abide by the terms and conditions. Once you check the box in agreement on the terms and conditions, you need to enter the captcha code that you find. After these steps are completed, you will have completed the sign up process.


How to Create a Hotmail Account via Mobile Phone?

The users can easily create a new Hotmail account via the mobile device. Before creating the account, the users need to have an Android device running the latest version of the operating system. You need to have a 3G or 4G internet connection. Once you have met all the basic requirements, you can then proceed to create a Hotmail account online. Follow the easy steps provided below to create a Hotmail account through the mobile device:

  • First of all, download Microsoft Outlook app from your device.
  • Install the app just by following the basic on-screen steps.
  • After completing the installation process, you can hit the sign-up
  • Enter the username and password in the respective fields.
  • You need to provide personal information as mentioned previously in the desktop Hotmail Sign up process.
  • You can then tap the ‘create account’ option in the final step.
  • After that, you can open a new web page and access the Hotmail account.
  • Enter the username and password in the below fields and hit the Sign in button.
  • That’s all! This is the easy process to sign up Hotmail through the desktop and mobile device.
Hotmail Sign Up
Hotmail Sign Up

Benefits of Hotmail

Here are some of the excellent advantages of Hotmail for your device:

  • It offers a comfortable and simple to use interface. The inbox shows the new emails and messages.
  • The users can easily create folders and organize them with much ease.
  • Once you have a Hotmail account, you can easily access the Skype application through your account.
  • The users can even access the OneDrive tool for storing confidential
  • One can access the calendar from their device absolutely for free of cost.


Final Words

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about Hotmail Sign Up. Hope this guide has given you adequate information about the complete process to create new Hotmail account online. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section below.